Sarpy Family Conflict Center Mediation And Parenting Classes



Shaul Mediation has hand-picked professional mediators who have a special blend of conflict resolution skill and also care for parents in transition. Training and education are key elements, but wisdom, empathy, and genuine compassion are those things which truly set us apart. Our mediators are trained to do memorandums,  parenting plans, property/child support agreements, including in high conflict (SADR) cases.  Spanish language mediators are available.

Areas Of Specialty
     Domestic Relations:
        Custody/Support Cases
        Elder Issues
        Entire Family

Types of Mediation

  •                Standard Mediation (Low/No conflict mediation)
  •                SADR Facilitation (High Conflict Facilitation)
  •                Business Arbitration

All mediation services are charged on a sliding fee scale as required by the court districts.  Each party is separately charged an hourly rate based on their respective ability to pay (as determined by gross income). Rates range from $25.00  to $75.00 per hour, plus an additional $15 per person case set up fee.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, mediation, or facilitation, please call our Mediation Coordinator at (531) 301-7595 or visit ShaulMediation.comfor a fuller description of mediation offerings.

Divorce: Research indicates that going through a divorce is the likely the second most stressful time of your life (the first being the death of a loved one). Divorce can be a bumpy ride - if you need some help staying in the saddle... and staying on course, let us know.

We at the Sarpy Center, are not fans of divorce. No one ever comes out completely unscathed. We do, however, face the reality that it is all around around us and happens to good people despite their best efforts.

Our role is to take you right where you are and find ways to reduce the conflict, lessens the pain, and speed up the healing process.

We are here to walk with you through the storm... and help you find a sunrise of hope.


Teen Conflict: Raising Teenagers can be a sanity testing experience. If you need assistance in working through parent/teen conflict, we are here for you. Through the use of family mediation and/or family counseling, we are passionate about helping you find ways to bring harmony and peace back into your homes.  

Blended Families: If you are experiencing family conflict due to blended family issues, there is hope! The special problems associated with step-children and step-siblings often rear their ugly head totally by surprise after the marriage. We are here to help you identify the root issues and find techniques to build upon the strengths that you have within the individuals that make up your unique family.

Drug/Alcohol: Drug and alcohol use and abuse within a family can wreak havoc to a family and rip it apart at the seams. The deep and insidious issues often need trained and caring professionals to step in and show the family members what can be done to work through these issues and find healing for your loved ones. 

            *Mediation* Parenting Classes* Supervised Visitation*Therapy


Parent Coordination & Parental Conflict Coaching: Understanding the Difference:
 Parent Coordination - Professional mediation and counseling that works    with both parents and teaches the  parties to refrain from negative communications with the other  bio-parent  and to work towards developing healthy strategies in Parallel Parenting. The Parent Coordinator also moves into the role of arbitrator when necessary.

Parental Conflict Coaching – Professional mediation and counseling that works with the individual parent and insulates the party from negative communications with the other bio-parent and works towards healing from the past negative relationship and insulating the children from parental conflict. 
The conflict coach helps identify the major areas of conflict that the parent is having with the other parent and suggests strategies to find resolution to the stress and emotional drain of unending conflict. The parent is free to choose which strategies he or she want to employ and feels comfortable within the current situation.

The Sarpy Family Conflict Center has mediators, therapists,  and instructors who have the tools needed to work with those clients who are involved in Ongoing Parental Conflict – those who, despite the divorce, have never gotten past the hurt and never given up the battle. Our Parent Coordination services combine specially trained mediators, family therapists, effective communication protocols, and proven instructional materials, to move these people beyond the conflict.  Part of these services may be paid for by qualifying EAP’S or insurance.

Ongoing Parental Conflict Issues:

*Logistical (child transition time changes, right of first refusal, child care)
*Financial (medical, student activities, holiday, special event, school          

           expenses, transportation, child support)
*Health (ongoing minor sicknesses, medicine schedules, significant medical 
 *Activities (selections, permissions, supplies)
*Clothing (weather appropriate clothes, transferred clothing)
*School (homework, special projects, special events, backpacks)
*Discipline (boundaries, groundings, home-to-home consistency)

To get more information or set up an initial consultation, call (531) 301-7595 or visit our Coaching Site:   Conquer Your

We are here to walk with you through the storm... and help you find a sunrise of hope.