Supervised Visitation

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Call our Supervised Visitation Coordinator at (531) 301-7595
Shaul Mediation and Family Services Visitation and Exchange Services are available to assist parties and the Court in supervising interaction between adults and children, assuring the safety of the children. Our center facilitates transfers and visitations following current court orders if they exist. We also do non-court ordered supervisions and transfers. We do not act as a go-between to set up the days and times - Parents and/or attorneys must do that first.

Shaul Mediation offers three levels of Supervised Visitation and Transfer:

Level I: "Transfer Facilitation" – custody transfer conducted by trained staff.  Transfer Facilitation Exchanges typically take place in the Center and are designed to allow exchanges without any interaction between the parents. Off-Site transfer facilitation is also available. This service also documents the time parties arrive for exchanges.

Level 2: "Interactive Supervised Visitation" – visits in the Sarpy Family Conflict Center or in the community, often at a parent's home or other child-friendly location, conducted by degreed and experienced professionals. This type of visitation must be approved by the courts or arranged by agreement of the parties. Our trained Supervisors typically come from the mental health, social work, paralegal, or high conflict mediation fields.

Level 3: "Therapeutically Supervised Visitation" – visitations that combine supervised visitation with active feedback from a licensed mental health professional with advanced degrees and training. Level 3 supervision is not therapy, but uses many of the same techniques to help improve parent / child interactions. 


 Shaul Mediation business hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visitations at other times not listed may be scheduled if  personnel are available, but may be subject the additional costs associated with staffing. Weekend services are typically available.

 Shaul Mediation is closed on Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Visitations on the  holidays listed can be scheduled if personnel are available, but may be subject the additional costs associated with staffing.

 If the agency is closed due to inclement weather, parties will be notified. 


          Supervised Transfers:
                Onsite- $25.00
                Off-Site - $25.00 plus travel time
        Supervised Visitation:
                Onsite-    $40.00/hour
                Off-site - $40.00/hour charged from the time the Supervisor leaves the office until the time the supervision is completed
                Child Transportation - when Supervisor is required to transport the children, the cost is $50.00/hour for entire session
        Therapeutic Visitation: 
                Onsite -   $125.00/hour
                Off-site - $125.00/ hours charged from the time the Supervisor leaves the office until the supervision is completed. 

       All prices cover 1-3 children. Over three children is an additional $10.00/hr.     
       All prices are subject to negotiation in situations involving larger blocks of supervision time.
       Parties must agree to and sign a service contract, which includes agreement to pay for court - related reporting and testifying.

       Call Stacey, our Supervised Visitation Coordinator at 531-301-7595.
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